OEM Visible Diode Lasers 405nm 445nm 520nm 462nm 635nm

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Visible Diode Lasers LLC will design and build to your specifications a custom laser

 system when others will not; at a competitive price! Visible Diode Lasers understands

many off the shelf lasers need customization, we are here to help. We offer a broad

range of Laser Systems, fiber optic coupled, wavelength stabilized, beam combining,

 rail mounting and custom laser controller / driver assemblies with CW / Modulation

 to suit. We provide laser diodes; Glass AR coated lenses, lens tubes, laser diode

 insertion and removal tools, laser heat sinks, mounts, controllers and drivers.


·         Our NEW High Powered OEM Systems Include:

·         445nm & 450nm – to 4.5W CW, Analog / TTL Modulated

·         462nm to 1.5W CW, Analog/TTL Modulated

·         405nm to 1100mW, CW, Analog / TTL Modulated

·         520nm 1Watt CW, Analog / TTL Modulated

·         638nm to 700mW, Analog / TTL Modulated

·         ·Anamorphic Beam Shaping

·         ·Multiple Lasers combined (single or multiple RGB Wavelengths)

·           Microprocessor controlled Output control, Temperature Control

·         ·USB Controllable controllers

·         ·OLED Local displays for output, temperature, fan speed and more.

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