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This is our price list for all standard Visible Diode Lasers.   Our other products from laser power supplies to custom built lasers. Click on the  – corresponding link to view full specifications for our green lasers, blue diode lasers, violet diode  lasers and red diode lasers. Click on links to add to cart or call / e-mail  us to discuss custom systems or questions


405nm Violet Diode Lasers                                                   See Product Page
445nm Blue Diode lasers                                                      See Product Page
635nm Red Diode Lasers                                                      See Product Page

532nm Green Lasers                                                              See Product Page

473nm Blue Lasers                                                                 See Product Page


Constant Current Laser Diode Power Supplies                See Product Page
Laser Diode Mounts                                                              See Product Page
Laser pointer Kits                                                                  See Product Page



405nm Violet Enclosed, custom Visible Diode Lasers

  • 500mW Violet , CW OEM Laser            $349.00[wp_cart:405nm , 500mW OEM  Laser:price:349.00:shipping:25.00:end]
  • 500mW,Violet Modulated OEM Laser  $425.00[wp_cart:405nm, 500mW OEM  MOD Laser:price:425.00:shipping:25.00:end]
  • 750mW, Violet CW OEM Laser            $425.00 [wp_cart:405nm, 750mW OEM  Laser:price:425.00:shipping:25.00:end]
  • 750mW, Violet Modulated OEM Laser  $455.00[wp_cart:405nm, 750mW OEM  Laser:price:455.00:shipping:25.00:end]


445nm Blue,  Enclosed, custom Visible Diode Lasers

445nm, 500mW OEM Laser – $250.00  [wp_cart:445nm, 500mW OEM Laser:price:250.00:shipping:25.00:end]

445nm, 500mW OEM Laser with Modulation  – $350.00  [wp_cart:445nm, 500mW OEM  Laser Modulated :price:350.00:shipping:25.00:end]

445nm, 1000mW OEM Laser – $350.00  [wp_cart:445nm, 1000mW OEM Laser:price:350.0:shipping:25.00:end]

445nm, 1000mW OEM Laser, Modulated – $399.99  [wp_cart:445nm, 1000mW OEM Laser Modulated :price:399.99:end]

445nm, 1500mW OEM Laser – $450.00  [wp_cart:445nm, 1500mW OEM Laser   :price:450.00:shipping:25.00:end]

445nm, 1500mW OEM Laser, Modulated – $475.00  [wp_cart:445nm, 1500mW OEM Laser Modulated :price:475.00:shipping:25.00:end]

445nm, 1700mW OEM Laser  – $449.99  [wp_cart:445nm, 1700mW OEM Laser :price:449.99:shipping:25.00:end]

445nm, 1700mW OEM Laser, Modulated  – $649.99  [wp_cart:445nm, 1700mW OEM Laser Modulated :price:649.99:shipping:25.00:end]

445nm, 2000mW (NEW)  OEM Laser, Modulated  – $799.99  [wp_cart:445nm, 2000mW OEM Laser Modulated :price:799.99:shipping:25.00:end]

445nm, 2500mW (NEW) OEM Laser, Modulated  – $825.99  [wp_cart:445nm, 2500mW OEM Laser Modulated :price:825.99:shipping:25.00:end]


635nm Enclosed, custom Visible Diode Lasers

635nm 300mW Red Lasers – $465[wp_cart:635nm 300mW Diode Laser:price:465.00:shipping:25.00:end]635nm 500mW Red Laser – $549[wp_cart:635nm red lasers 500mW Laser:price:549.00:shipping:25.00:end]

 *Prices do not include international shipping or expedited shipping services. Please contact us for shipping quote before ordering. Our online payment system may have minor flaws as of July 30, 2012. If you are unable to place an order, please e-mail us.

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