Green 520nm 532nm Lasers

520nm laser Case520nm laser Case


520nm green lasers

Visible Diode Lasers leads in the sale of small, OEM 520nm lasers

We have just been featured in BioOptics World for our New 520nm Lasers

The Active Cooled series 520 nm, 50 mW direct-diode semiconductor lasers from Visible Diode Lasers (Cocoa, FL) do not contain diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) frequency-doubled pump cavities, allowing for higher efficiency and longer mean time to failure (MTTF). The lasers have a single antireflection-coated element glass adjustable lens and 7 × 25 beam divergence. Applications include light scattering, bioluminescence, photoluminescence, visible laser spectroscopy, bioanalytics, and metrology.

520nm lasers – Direct Drive is proud to announce our series of  low cost, compact (4.5″ L x 3.52″ W  x 2.01″ D)  Active Cooled  series of  Direct Diode 520nm  Lasers.  Uses include  Light Scattering, Bioluminescence, photo luminescence, visible laser spectroscopy, Bio analytics and metrology.  Our 520nm, 50mW semiconductor diode lasers  offer much higher efficiency and longer  MTTF  due to the lack of  DPSS  frequency doubled, pump cavities. No Infrared (808nm & 1064nm) leakage.  Each OEM laser  consists of a new 520nm green laser diode single AR Coated element glass adjustable lens, CW or TTL / Analog modulation to <1MHz Power driver and cooling.  Beam Divergence 7×25, >2mRad. Polarization 20:1 ratio. Prices starting at $700 US. Contact us for more information

The beams from Green 532nm & Blue 473nm Lasers are TEM00 and have a very small beam waist, high stability of time and temperature. Our green lasers are thermoelectrically cooled (TEC) for high control of the laser assembly. They can be purchased in CW mode, or modulated (analog or TTL).

The Green 520nm lasers and 532nm green lasers offer Inexpensive tools for the following:

  • Medical & University tests and studies
  • light show equipment & replacements
  • Industrial targeting and alining
  • Bio-Luminescence
  • Photo-luminescence
  • Experiments where exact 532nm coherent light is needed
  • Distance Measurement



Green 532nm DPSS lasers


1W DPSS Laser – Green 532nm – Specifications


1 Watt 532nm Laser – $950.00

[wp_cart:1 Watt 532nm Laser:price:950.00:shipping:25.00:end]

1.5 Watt 532nm Laser – $1425.00

[wp_cart:1.5 Watt 532nm Laser:price:1425.00:shipping:25.00:end]

2 Watt 532nm Laser – $1950.00

[wp_cart:2 Watt 532nm Laser:price:1950.00:shipping:25.00:end]

500mW DPSS Laser – 532nm Lasers – Specifications


500mW Green 532nm Laser – $750.00

[wp_cart:500mW 532nm Laser:price:750.00:shipping:25.00:end]

300mW Green 532nm Laser – $550.00

[wp_cart:300mW 532nm Laser:price:550.00:shipping:25.00:end]

200mW Green 532nm Laser – $450.00

[wp_cart:200mW 532nm Laser:price:450.00:shipping:25.00:end]

100mW Green 532nm Laser – 375.00

[wp_cart:100mW 532nm Laser:price:375.00:shipping:25.00:end]


100mW DPSS Laser – Green 532nm – Specifications